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Metal Roofing Guide

Be aware that metal roofing prices are usually twice as much as a regular shingle or tile roof would cost. Why would this be? A metal roof will last a life-time. A normal roof warranty will have a 30 year value. However, a metal roof warranty will last you up to 60 years! It is a great investment if you are looking to add value to your home. Installing a metal roof for your home is rated to be the best decision if you are able to afford. The Better Business Bureau recommends to get at least 3 different quotes from local metal roofers. We recommend you get two quotes from roofers – one for a shingle roof vs. a metal roof.

There are so many benefits to a metal roof. One is the energy costs you would save on heating & cooling for a home. A metal roof keeps a home better insulated compared to a other types of roofs. Metal roofing is also safer due to its extremely fire resistance and is designed to withstand strong winds. Metal roofs are also sustainable and lightweight.